Fr. Godfrey Mullen

Very Rev. Godfrey Mullen, OSB

Theology UnCapped
Wednesday, February 3, 2016
7:00PM – 8:00PM
Woodward Center

Topic: Imperfect Parents: Seeking the Way to Perfection
Presenter: Dr. Jim Schroeder

Welcome to All!
Saint Benedict starts his holy Rule with the word Listen. Listening is one of the surest marks of the true disciple, especially in the Benedictine tradition. We listen even though we do not necessarily hear the sounds of a human voice in response. Listening keeps us humble – awaiting the command of the master, the Lord. Listening keeps us attentive – instead of always telling God what He needs to do, we hear the subtlest nudging toward a life of virtue and grace. Listening keeps us receptive – waiting for the gentlest response in the still, small voice. Let’s listen for the Lord and we will not be disappointed.

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May God bless us all and draw us all together to everlasting life!