Volunteers choose a particular space on the campus for landscaping – planting and maintenance, coordinated with our maintenance department.
Contact Parish Center for more information.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Adoration is from 11:30AM to 4:30PM Monday through Friday, except on holidays. Volunteers typically take a weekly one-hour time for adoration.
Contact Bruce & Ginny Bonenberger for more information.

Ambassador Ministry

Volunteers serve as greeters and hosts for cathedral and diocesan events.
Contact Kelley Coppens for more information.

Athletics Volunteer

Volunteers are needed each time a game is held at St. Benedict Cathedral School Gym or other specific needs like organizing uniforms.
Contact Anna Hackert for more information.

Blood Drive

Volunteers sign up to give blood.and/or assist representatives of the American Red Cross by attending the registration table.  Other volunteers offer hospitality and attend the snack table.
Contact Sr. Pat McGuire, OSB for more information.

Boy Scouts / Cub Scouts

Contact John Payne for more information.


(Congregations Acting for Justice and Empowerment) Volunteers attend meetings to make a positive difference for those most in need in our community. Meetings would average every other month.
Contact Jane Leingang for more information.


Cantors sing at the weekend Masses.
Contact Jeremy Korba for more information.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

Occurs during the Sunday 10:30 Mass during the school year. Catechists teach one of two groups of children ages 3-7 for about 15 minutes. Depending on number of catechists, service is every 2-3 weeks.
Contact Joy Timmons for more information.


Our SATB Adult Choir rehearses every Thursday (except in the summers) 7:00-8:30PM in church and sings every other week, typically at the 10:30AM Mass.
Contact Jennifer Korba for more information.

Church Decorating

The church is decorated for Easter & Christmas. Volunteers are needed on announced days to help with the major portions of decorating. Help is also needed at the end of these seasons for teardown.
Contact Tami Orr for more information.

Cocoon Tree

Lenten Alms giving to the Homeless.  Volunteers purchase items needed for the residents of the House of Bread and Peace.  Some volunteers help put the cocoons on the trees and some volunteers deliver the items from church to the shelter.
Contact Sr. Pat McGuire, OSB for more information.

Coffee & Donuts

Volunteers host a once a month social gathering here at St. Bens by making coffee and picking up donuts.
Contact Amy Decker for more information.

Contact Donna Halverson for more information.

Dove Tree

Advent Alms giving to the Needy.  Volunteers purchase Christmas gifts during Advent for families in need and return those gifts to the church. Other volunteers assist in distributing the purchased gifts to families.
Contact Melanie McMinn for more information.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

EMHC’s, commissioned by the bishop and trained in the parish, distribute Holy Communion at the daily and weekend Masses and sometimes deliver Holy Communion to parishioners in their homes, hospitals, or nursing homes.
Contact David Rice for more information.

Food Ministry

As requested, volunteers prepare food and serve the meal for parish events.  Teams are called upon on average every 1-2 months.
Contact Becky Heerdink/Barb Hargrove for more information.

Funeral Luncheon Ministry

As requested, volunteers prepare food, others serve the meal, following the funerals of parishioners. Teams are called upon, on average, every month or two.
Contact Donna Halverson for more information.

Habitat for Humanity

Volunteers assist in the building of homes for low income families.
Contact Habitat Office for more information.

Heavenly Dusters

Particular areas of the church are cleaned each week or two – some take particular areas of the nave of the church and others oversee the cleaning of other rooms. Typically an hour or two every week or two.
Contact Kelley Coppens for more information.

High School Youth Ministry

Volunteers are needed to help with regular gatherings of high school students on Wednesday after school and Sunday evenings.
Contact Bertha Melendres for more information.

Instrumental Music

Proficient musicians on keyboard and other instruments accompany the assembly at weekend Masses (along with weddings and funerals).
Contact Jeremy Korba for more information.

Knights of Columbus

A fraternity of Catholic men who work to build up the Church and serve the broader community.
Contact Mike Primus for more information.


Proclaim the readings at weekend Masses, typically scheduled every month or so.
Contact Susan Hagan for more information.

Maintenance Volunteers

Maintenance volunteers typically work together on Tuesdays 9:30-11:30AM to assist the maintenance staff with various projects. Volunteers may serve at other hours as well.
Contact Fr. Godfrey Mullen, OSB for more information.

Mass Server

Mass servers are assigned to weekend and holy day Masses about every 4-6 weeks.
Contact Fr. Godfrey Mullen, OSB for more information.

Middle School Youth Ministry

Volunteers are needed to help with regular gatherings of middle school students on Tuesday after school and Sunday evenings.
Contact Bertha Melendres for more information.

Novena Prayers

Marian prayers after the 7AM Mass on Tuesdays in church.
Contact Louise Mehringer for more information.

Parish Office Volunteer

Volunteers take a two-hour morning or afternoon shift once a week as possible. Tasks include greeting visitors, answering the phone, sacramental record-keeping, database management, etc.
Contact Kelley Coppens for more information.

Photography Ministry

Volunteers take pictures or video at parish events.
Contact Elaine Schultheis for more information.

Plus 55 Ministry

This ministry involves social opportunities for parishioners over the age of 55.
Contact Donna Halverson for more information.

Prayer Chain

Volunteers agree to be contacted to add particular intentions to their prayers.
Contact Nancy Vaught for more information.


Parents assist in supporting the smooth running of our Cathedral School through various activities and fund-raisers.
Contact Ashley Hammer for more information.


Quilting on Tuesdays 9-11:30AM in the basement of the parish center to make quilts for the raffle at the Summer Social.
Contact Barb Rogge for more information.


Learn more about the faith as you sponsor an adult seeking to be baptized or received into full communion with the Catholic Church. Meet weekly on Wednesdays 6:30-8:00PM during the school year.
Contact David Rice for more information.


Set up for weekend Masses about once a month – set out hosts, chalices with wine, and all that is needed for Mass.
Contact Kelley Coppens for more information.

Saint Vincent de Paul Society

Vincentians visit families in need in their homes to assess need and then meet on Monday evenings at the parish to distribute assistance.
Contact Barb Rogge or Jim Flynn for more information.

School Volunteer

As needed or regular service in our school office.
Contact Mrs. Kari Ford for more information.

Summer Social

Parish festival the Saturday before Labor Day Weekend. Volunteers chair and work in booths, help with dinner, etc.
Contact Megan McCombs for more information.


Assist parishioners with seating at weekend Masses, take up the collection, and place the collection in the safe after Mass, assigned to all Masses during a month three or four times per year.
Contact Matt Brockman for more information.

Visiting Ministry

Volunteers visit home bound parishioners every 2-4 weeks in their homes or nursing homes.  If these volunteers are Eucharist Ministers of Holy Communion, they may bring holy communion to them as well.
Contact Sr. Pat McQuire for more information.

Welcome Ministry

Volunteers help give tours, coordinate sponsor families, and answer questions for new members.
Contact Mike David for more information.

Women’s Bible Study

We will be running a 6 week course starting the week of October 14. We will be offering 3 times.....9am Sunday mornings  7pm Tuesday evenings as well as one weekday morning (probably Tuesdays at 8am).
Contact Audra Douglas for more information.

Young Adult Ministry

Volunteers are needed to take part in young adult ministry, typically on Sunday after the 10:30 Mass.
Contact Bertha Melendres for more information.